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Studio & Audio Recording Equipment

•Neumann Microphone- TLM-103, U47
•We Use The WORLDS Best Studio Console "The SSL 4000 Logic" plugs:
•Waves Bundle
•Izo Tope Ozone 3 Mastering /Trash
•T–Racks 24@ Stand Alone ANALOG Mastering Suite
•Steinberg Nuendo 3 Production Station
•Protools HD10 Production Station
•SSL G–Master Buss Compressor
•SSL E–Channel
•SSL G–Equalizer
•Sony Sound Forge
•Avalon/Neve/Telefunken Microphone Preamplifiers
•Apogee & Lexicon

Our Limited Time Low Prices:


When you've finished laying down the tracks for your songs, a Pro Music Record's audio engineer is here to help you perfect your song into a masterpiece.

Pro Music Records is teamed up with, top of the line mixing engineers to make sure your songs sound unbelievable. We've mixed tracks for Grammy Nominated Artists as well as thousands of other musical and entertainment projects. Our engineer pays attention to every detail and you will hear the difference in your professionally mixed tracks, guaranteed.

Our mixing service is $250 per song and includes 1 free modification. Additional modifications are only $25/each

Vocal & Instrument Tracking- $50/$75 per hr.
•Recording Engineer $25 per hour
•Studio A Time $50 Per hour
•Studio B Pre-Production $25 Per Hour

Vocal Tuning
Excellent vocals are crucial to the success of your song. We have the skills and knowledge to make them sound perfectly in tune while keeping the natural qualities and tone of your voice.

Our vocal tuning service is $125 for the first vocal track and $50 for each additional backing track.

Audio Editing
Let our engineer take the headache over editing your drum tracks, matching your backing vocals
with the lead, shortening the song...you name it. Pro Music Records' audio editing service covers most any aspect of working with your project to clean up sources or editing.

Our audio editing service costs $50/hour.

Pro Music Records Music Audio Track Production

Recorded music produced, composed, published and owned by Pro Music Records and licensed to customers for use in film, television, radio and other media. The business model of production music libraries is based on two income streams:

  • License or synchronization fees: These are the fees paid upfront to the library for permission to synchronize its music to a piece of film, video or audio. These fees can range from a few dollars for an internet usage, to thousands for a network commercial usage. Some libraries, especially in the UK and Europe, split these fees with the composer of the music. In the US, it is more common for a composer to be paid a work-for-hire fee upfront by the library for composing the music, thus waiving his/her share of any future license fees. In the United Kingdom, license fees for production music are nationally standardized and set by the MCPS. In the US and elsewhere, libraries are free to determine their own license fees.
  • Performance income (or performance royalties): Performances income is generated when music is publicly performed - for example, on television or radio. The producer of the show or film that has licensed the music does not pay these fees. Instead, large fees are paid annually by broadcasters (such as television networks and radio stations) to performing rights organizations such as ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC in the US and the PRS in the UK, who then distribute income among their members. To ensure it is distributed fairly and accurately, most broadcasters are required to keep note of what music they have broadcast and for how long. This information is then used by the performance societies to allocate income to their members. Typically, a library will receive 50 percent of the performance income (this is known as the publisher's share), with the composer receiving the remaining 50 percent. Like license fees, performance income is highly variable and dependent on the nature of the usage; a local radio usage will yield a very modest income - perhaps a few dollars each time it is played, whereas repeated use in a primetime network television show can generate many thousands of dollars.



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