Music & Entertainment Business Consulting Services

We know that your decision to choose the right professional services provider is critical to the success of your business. We offer music business consulting services to indie artists, independent record labels, entertainment companies and musicians. Whether you are preparing to release your first project or need to get a handle on your current releases and staff, Pro Music Records & Entertainment Media is your trusted solutions partner.

Business Strategy/Plan Development
We help develop customized music and entertainment business strategies and plans for your company accounting for the multitude of issues unique to our industry.  But, we require substantial input from you to reflect your company philosophy and artistic vision.  The plan will be a dynamic tool for senior management to use as the company’s strategic outline.

Distribution Preparation
Initially, we will help you determine the type of deal best suited for you, weighing the pros and cons of your options. Then, we will help you thoroughly prepare your marketing plan to present to distributors and compile the package to communicate all that distributors will question.  It is important to articulate all issues effectively so that we can help you not only obtain a distribution deal, but get the best deal for you (physical and digital).  When you are presented offers, we will generate reports, using our Management Systems Financial Software, to make it easy for you to compare the viability of each based on the various terms.

Ongoing Support  
We are proud to offer ongoing professional services of our proven business solutions:  
  • Development and implementation of a comprehensive business and marketing plans that allows you to operate, compete, and thrive without having to rely on a "major" record label. You will own all of your intellectual property and control your destiny. A dedicated Project Manager will keep you track-bound toward your professional goals.
  • Guidance on the use of the many new technologies that will give you the ability to extend your reach, leverage your base and generate revenue across multiple platforms from multiple income streams. PMR & Entertainment Media uses the latest business management resources and training to help you work smarter not harder.
  • Set your company up with the best of the many new technologies that we will use for increasing exposure and generating revenue, such as widgets, online video platforms, social networks, P2P tools, monitoring services, etc.
  • Leverage our relationships in the music and entertainment/technology industry to further your interests and exploit Pro Music Records & Entertainment Media’s knowledge base built from years in the industry and our continuing professional education
  • Liaison with distribution  and records companies on your behalf
  • On-call advice regarding all areas of company infrastructure, management, industry best practices, new media and album releases
  • Assistance using Management Systems Financial Software and the New Media Music & Entertainment Marketing System provided by Pro Music Records & Entertainment Media
  • Assistance in sales and budget forecasting
  • Avoid costly mistakes by setting up your company as a legitimate business with accurate, up-to-the-minute information on licenses, trademarks, copyrights and taxes.
  • Assess your current marketing efforts to discover untried ways of locating and communicating with your unique market audience.

Tools –Management Systems Financial Software
Managing and predicting cash flow and profitability are some of the most significant problems facing independent record labels.  Pro Music Records & Entertainment Media’s Management Systems Financial Software solves those problems.  It generates reports detailing the impact of financial expenditures, deal points (distribution, artist, producer and writer) and sales on both the project and company level. 

Music & Entertainment Business Enablement Membership Program
This program was designed for those in the early stages of development and with limited budgets. It is especially for the savvy company owner who has the determination get his company off the ground and is wise enough to know that he needs help.  You get 2 ½ hours of consulting and the New Media Music & Entertainment Marketing System for an affordable rate.  We will help you:

• Outline first steps and focus on necessities
• Determine the best type of deal for you and outline how to get it
• Develop your label’s release schedule, sales goals and plan to achieve them
• Answer specific questions about your unique situation
• Explain how to best use the New Media Music & Entertainment Marketing System and its elements

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