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Mastering is the most underrated and vitally important final stage in the CD/record production. It′s the last creative step and the first technical step of relaying your music to the listener, regardless of release or broadcast format. Pro Music Record′s partner Mastering Specialists have over 25 years of mixing, engineering, producing and music business 101 – The staff here at Pro Music Records Mastering House will bring out the warmth and smoothness in your recordings for RADIO or CD–Vinyl Manufacturing. The musical content of your productions is first priority. We will enhance your sound–properties and to lower unwanted or interfering parts in your music compositions. It′s the ultimate polishing and optimizing treatment to your music, which will separate your music production from others. The Technical side for example: We will clean up your mixes of unwanted artifacts (like clicks, noise, hiss etc.), fade ins and outs of the tracks, setting of the individual pause length and to assure a technically correct master which contains all necessary data (PQ–Codes, ISRC codes, CD text and more) and has been checked by us for errors. These are only a few steps of the technical steps during the mastering process.

Here′s a short summary of our Mastering Features:

– Importing /recording the audio material from CD–ROM or DAT

– Level–Optimizing to 0dB

– Reordering of the title running order and setting of track ID..s (PQ-Coding)

– Fade In / Fade Out

– Mixing (f.e. Mix–Compilation)

– Cleaning and setting of individual pause length

– EQ–Shaping

– Compression and limiting for optimizing the dynamic range

– Stereo–image-processing

– Enhancing

– Phase correction

– CD – Text* Insert (if wanted)

– CD-burning in Red–Book or Blue–Book–Standard

– Listening–Control of the master made by us

Mastering Equipment:

– We Use The WORLDS Best Studio Console "The SSL 4000 Logic" plugs:

– Waves Bundle

– Izo Tope Ozone 5 Mastering /Trash

– T–Racks 24@ Stand Alone ANALOG Mastering Suite

– Protools HD10 Production Station

– SSL G–Master Buss Compressor

– SSL E–Channel

– SSL G-Equalizer

– Sony Sound Forge

– AND MANY MORE! Our Limited Time Low Prices:

CALL 818.971.9301

Please contact us for more information. Email: info@promusicrecords.com

Upon request we will master one of your songs FREE! Then... you can hear what a difference we will make in your recordings.

We accept US Postal Service Money Orders and Pay Pal. Payments are non refundable once work begins on your project.



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