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What are the benefits of www.promusicrecords.com? There are quite a few! Here is a list of some of them.

Drive traffic to your site or webpage
We submit you to hundreds of the best internet resources for independent music, entertainment and merchandise. These sites in turn list you and bring traffic to your website. The best part is that these resources bring you quality traffic... people that like new music and entertainment! People that like something different from the mainstream.

Increase your CD/DVD and Merchandise sales
We really can′t guarantee that you will see an increase in CD/DVD and merchandise sales if you use this service, but if bringing quality traffic to your website doesn′t work...what does? More traffic means more opportunities to sell.

Go higher in the search engines
Google counts a link to your web site as a vote for your web site, so the more people you have linking to you the higher you rank in Google. That also means you rank higher in Yahoo and MSN (BING) and many other major search engines, because Google provides the search results for all of them! Pro Music Records & Entertainment Media integrated marketing strategies will not only drive traffic to your site by getting you listed in multiple online music and entertainment resources, but those very links will then go on to drive you up in position on the major search engines. With Pro Music Records & Entertainment Media you win two ways.

For a more detailed description of Google′s link voting system ("page rank") see Google′s definition!

Increase your fan base
Pro Music Records & Entertainment Media primary purpose is to help independent artist, small to mid–sized labels and entertainment companies increase their revenues and profits through the development of easy–to–use, yet extremely powerful marketing software systems and processes that deliver effective, comprehensive online marketing solutions.

These proprietary technology products include (a) Pro Music Records & Entertainment Media Website– professionally designed and written, industry specific, "search engine friendly" websites that are typically up and running within hours, and anyone can use; and, (b) the Pro Music Records & Entertainment Media Internet Marketing Dashboard–software to help manage the shift from off–line to online advertising, measure what works, and optimize to the sources that provide the best return on your marketing dollar. Moreover, in addition to using our proprietary software systems to create unparalleled efficiency, we provide the professional, dedicated, knowledgeable and trustworthy staff to run each of our clients′ internet marketing campaigns for them. From dynamic listings in the local search engines, organic and paid placement, reviews in the major local review sites, social sites management, pay–per–click management, landing page analysis, blog management, press releases, and email newsletter programs – we do it all. That′s why Pro Music Records & Entertainment Media′s Marketing truly is your solution to increasing revenue.

More traffic means more chances to get someone to sign up for your mailing list, someone to hear your music... spread the word... come to a show... and the list goes on. More traffic will equal more fans!

Pro Music Records and Entertainment Media
Google Rankings
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Ranks #1 of about 21,200,000 results for music promotion los angeles - http://www.promusicrecords.com/promotions.html
Ranks #1&2 of about 8,060,000 results for r&b indie artist los angeles - http://www.promusicrecords.com/artists.html
Ranks #1 of about 15,100,000 results for music distribution los angeles  - http://www.promusicrecords.com/distributor.html
Ranks #7 of about 20,800,000 results for dvd distribution los angeles - http://www.promusicrecords.com/distributor.html
Ranks #7&8 of Search about 20,500,000 results for independent record label los angeles - http://www.promusicrecords.com/services.html

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