MP3 Single "Hustle Till I Die & "Just You"

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Release Date: July 2009

Genre: Hip–Hop/Rap
Label: Pro Music Records
MSRP: $1.00

Born in Lima – Peru in the same hospital as Immortal Technique, and brought to the states at 3 years old, SK (Renato Melgar) grew up in the West part of LA in Hawthorne and Lawndale. SK grew up in a household led by a strong mother and a strict father. Growing up in the South Bay until the age of 15 was a blessing in disguise as he had the luxury of the beach lifestyle nearby, yet SK lived in a city where the core was influenced by gang banging and hustling. Gangbanging was not the chosen path for him; instead he turned to hustling trees from the young age of 12 until he turned 20.

During his sophomore year in high school was when SK really started to notice he had talent in music. He moved to the San Fernando Valley, specifically the West Valley where he met his friend and partner Alex, there he started an event called Freestyle Friday while attending Canoga High. SK would battle any opponent who presented a challenge, only to last so long before he was sent to Juvenile Hall for his first time.

In jail, SK made his presence known from the kids of South Central to Lancaster. There weren′t many good paying jobs for kids under 18 so when he got out he went back to hustling and continued to push his music and perfecting his craft. Run–ins with the law continued to land SK back in jail . During his second time in Jail Alex also got locked up and they ended up sharing a cell, which created a stronger bond between the two. Through it all, he grew up fast but so did his skill in songwriting and free styling. Now that SK has found his calling, he can only perfect his talent and through time, Hip Hop fans will be blessed to have him.



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