Solo debut Album "Take Me Home with You"

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Release Date: "Take Me Home with You" - December 2008

Genre: R&B/Soul
Label: Pro Music Records
UPC: 837101220934
MSRP: $12.99

At the end of his Junior year in highschool, Iraah asked to borrow his church choir director's keyboard for a week. One week turned into a month, and one month evolved into a year. By the time he returned the keyboard Iraah had spent hours visiting instructional websites, and eventually learned to play a song.

After graduating from Howard University, he set aside his degree in Chemistry to pursue his passion, and has not looked back since. Since 2005, Iraah has played at various venues in Southern California, (Moose, McGillyCuddy′s, B.B. Kings, Cozy′s, The Hollywood Park Casino, Room 5, The M-Bar and has had a song "A New Dance", win a new artist competition on Stockton/Modesto″s KWIN radio. While the "older" crowd often compares him to Sam Cooke, Bill Withers or Marvin Gaye, the younger audience deems him the next Bilal or John Legend.

Although he admires all of his predecessors, Iraah believes that the main distinction amongst current artists and himself lie in his introspection and uncompromising sincerity. To the keen listener, his lyrics will force you to examine yourself, and either love or hate this emerging throwback soulbird.



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