Flawless Victory

Single Release "My Family"

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Release Date: April 23, 2011

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap/Urban
Label: Pro Music Records/Dyminz Entertainment
UPC: 859705881915
MSRP: $1.00

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Flawless Victory
Stephine Denise Koonce, better known by her stage name Flawless Victory is an American female Rap/Hip-Hop/Urban artist born and raised in Kinston, North Carolina. Flawless is the youngest sibling of five and suffered from a devastating loss of her mother in 1992 at the age of twelve. The death of her mother helped her to see life at a different perspective and lead her to unleash her feelings through writing poetry. Spectators have quoted "Flawless Victory's lyrics are proven to be from experience and tell a definitive story!"

Flawless Victory's single "My Family" will be released internationally in March 2011 with the support of Pro Music Records as a prelude to the full album release. A thirteen week radio campaign promotion will be associated with the single release, along with promotional touring and appearances to support the digital album release.

Flawless Victory's first audience was her immediate family and close friends. Her initial inspiration came from her older brother who introduced her to free styling in her adolescent years. Other major influence came from female rap artists such as MC Lyte, Yo Yo, Queen Latifah and Foxy Brown. The idea of turning her poetry into music was apparent so she started by spending numerous hours alone in her bedroom writing and rapping which perfected her skills. The death of her mother and life experiences gave her plenty to put pen to paper.

The passing away of her mother was so painful that she decided to no longer attend high school and dropped out at the age of 16. At age 19, the birth of her first son brought Flawless to a different level of maturity from the stress of being a young single mother. "In our modern economy, I realized I needed a college degree in order to get a decent job to take care of my baby." Flawless managed to go back to school and attended a community college and receive her diploma in 2000. She then went on to take more college courses for two semesters while pregnant with her second son in 2001 and decided to withdraw due to being overwhelmed from motherhood.

In 2003, while working in a call center in Greenville, N.C. Flawless connected with an up and coming producer and in 2004 she independently released a 10 track LP titled "Its My World". To make a name for herself she promoted the album by performing at all the local venues in her region and the experience has motivated Flawless to break ground internationally. Her main goal is to become one of music's most well respected rappers and to take care of her kids. "I put no trust in no man, God tap me on the shoulder and take me by the hand, He tell me trust in him cuz he got a better plan, He tell me have faith and succeed I can"~ Flawless Victory


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