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Debut Album "American Menace" featuring hits "2Fly, Money in Da Bag, So Fresh, Valley Boy"

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$14.99 each

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Release Date: "American Menace" – November 23, 2010

Genre: Hip–Hop/Rap
Label: Boss Gang / Pro Music Records
UPC: 884501286138
MSRP: $14.99


Born Charles Burnley, better known by his stage name "B Dot", is an American rapper, and record producer born and raised in Pacoima, California the San Fernando Valley 818 Area Code. His main goal is to represent his hood and his mission is to put his city on the map. "B Dot" decided the easiest way to win over underground hip–hop audiences was to become a battle rapper and "improv" against other MCs in the clubs and on the streets of Los Angeles. "As a contestant in the rap game, my competition recognizes me as an underdog because there hasn′t been anyone from my area creditable enough to represent for the title as THE BEST rapper".

"B Dot" was introduced to the business from his father Charlie "B" who was affiliated with west coast hip hop legends "Eazy E" and "Dr Dre". Other rap icons that influenced his interest in music were 2 Pac, Biggie Smalls, Jay Z, Joe Budden, and Eminem. After attending college and playing football "B Dot" took his competitive spirit and wisdom to the streets and quickly gained popularity with 2 mixtapes, with his latest release being "Light Yearz". Through time, he became such a popular attraction that artists would challenge him just to make a name for them selves!

Can′t get enough of Hip Hop? "American Menace" is just what the doctor ordered for Hip Hop fans. At age 24, Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley (818) representative "B Dot" released his debut LP, "American Menace", in 2010 through Boss Gang/A Plus/Pro Music Records Inc. imprint. This masterpiece is loaded with hit singles, including "Much 2 Fly", "So Fresh", "Money In Da Bag", and "Valley Boi" (This album is also released with 4 videos). You can expect heavy street team promotions and see "B Dot" on stage often to support the national CD release.

What makes "B Dot" different from other MC′S in the Hip–Hop/Rap genre is he uses music as therapy. As a human being going through everyday problems, creating music is his way of expressing feelings, enhancing memory, and improving his communication. "Street spectators tell me my music is real, I have a universal sound and they hear passion in my lyrics." "B Dot" believes a lot of rappers put themselves in a box when they classify their music as Gangsta Rap, Hardcore Rap, or West Coast Rap. "I believe I′m versatile and my style is being authentic to who I am!"

Take the first look into the west coast best kept secret and next to blow. "B Dot" definitely has the raw talent, diplomatic lyrics, artistry and star power to make a name for himself in this music industry. The undisputed king of the (818) is ready to let his star shine, and let the world know that "B Dot" is coming for the crown. "On the humble...I just feel like I can out rap everybody! I′m up for the challenge, I′m really competitive…So anybody want to do some sparring...I′m really down with all that. Let′s get ready to rumble!"

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